Data Recovery Services  

If your hard disk has failed, or sounds as though it is failing, switch off your machine immediately and disconnect the power lead.

Do not reboot your machine in an attempt to access your data as this may render the data irrecoverable. Call us to discuss the problem.

Unable to access your data?

Inadvertently deleted vital files or formatted your hard disk?

Has your hard disk crashed, been in a fire, received a thump, taken a ducking, experienced a power surge or suffered other physical damage?

If so, the data on your hard disk is probably still intact and recoverable!

If you have deleted files or formatted your hard disk but there has been absolutely no physical damage to the disk, we may, depending on additional factors, attempt to recover your data using specialist software. If that fails, or if your hard drive has suffered physical damage, we send your drive by courier to one of our data recovery specialist partners, either here in the UK or in the US, for examination in their clean room facilities. We then supply a quotation for recovering your data.

When we recover your data we will copy it onto media of your choice. This process usually takes a few days.

We can recover data from most other types of media as well as from hard disks.

Call us for further information.


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