About MicroVector

MicroVector comprises a friendly team of highly qualified and experienced information technology professionals. Microvector's principal team members include:

Graham Ellsbury
Graham, who has a Masters Degree in Computing Science, worked as a C++ programmer for one of the UK's leading web agencies before moving into project management with a technologically innovative computer company. Graham's primary role in MicroVector is to analyse clients' requirements then specify, install, configure and maintain the core hardware and software systems including networks, server clusters, client machines, backup systems, printers and VPNs. Graham also builds specialized servers to client specifications. Graham is a member of a number of professional bodies including the British Computer Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Maryam Yahyavi
Maryam has lectured on networks, taught programming and worked extensively with Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) design and architecture, Websphere, WebLogic and other application servers, Oracle, RDBMS and SQL. Maryam is a specialist in financial systems, payment protocols and mobile technologies. She has a Masters Degree in Computing.

Jerry Peek
Jerry is a Unix specialist with more than 20 years of experience as a writer, instructor, and programmer. He has written several books on the subject including: Learning the UNIX Operating System; Unix Power Tools and Managing Internet Information Services. Jerry regularly contributes to Unix-oriented periodicals and has a Masters Degree in Computing Science.

Tony Lloyd
Tony performs our cable laying, routing and installation work and assists with our office migration service. Tony formerly worked as a technician installing digital exchange switching systems for British Telecom. He is qualified in microcomputer technology. Tony also owns Astralsound PA hire, a company based in Gloucestershire.

We deal with our clients with openness, honesty and integrity.