Project Finance for Information Technology and Communication Projects

We are sometimes able to arrange project finance in the form of equity or loans for significant IT projects where the finance requirement is in excess of £2.5 million, irrespective of whether or not MicroVector is the prime contractor for the project.

However, in those cases where MicroVector is not the prime contractor, the finance provider may require that MicroVector be involved in the project in a technical or monitoring capacity.

The provision of project finance is naturally subject to various conditions though it is generally possible to provide a rapid decision as to the viability of obtaining finance for a project shortly after the no-obligation application form has been submitted.

Typical projects which qualify for finance raised in this way include, hardware procurement, installation and rollout, including desktop and notebook computers, servers and server rooms, mainframe computers (for mainframe installation we work in partnership with IBM), printers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), network hardware installation including hardware firewalls, routers, switches, repeaters, cabling, ducting, electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems, closed circuit television (CCTV) and database systems.

Only rarely is software, or software development, eligible for project finance.

Applications for finance must be usually supported by some form of security.

Our project finance is usually only available to projects being implemented in the United Kingdom, though finance can be provided for projects in other countries in exceptional circumstances.

If you wish to explore the possibility of obtaining finance for your ITC project through MicroVector please email us at this address to arrange a preliminary discussion: